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Windows In previous OS News articles, I described how mature computers up to ten years oldĀ can be refurbished and made useful. One article identified and evaluated different approaches to refurbishing. This article tells how to performance tune a mature Windows computer to make it serviceable again. I hope it will interest anyone who wants to tune Windows.
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Trollish but insightful - what do I do?

Just a few thoughts - the problem with old PCs is the the quality of cases, power supplies and fans is so poor, combined with the need to buy new keyboard mouse and monitor it often hardly makes it worth while. Recently turned an old box into a pfsense (FreeBSD) headless firewall - that seemed to make sense.

Admittedly off topic the PCs in my house dual boot 95% of the time I use Linux 5% Windows when I need to do something in Access which I need and doesn't work well in Wine.

My sons PC 50% of the time in Linux he uses Windows for gaming, there is nothing installed in Windows but an AV and games - he probably games too much - I think Rome Total War is quite educational am I deluding myself?

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