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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless HP/Palm has officially released HP webOS 2.0 and the Pre 2, and Engadget has the first review of webOS 2.0 (not of the Pre 2, their device was a pre-production model). "Despite some issues, webOS 2.0 is probably neck and neck with iOS4 when it comes to polish and ease of use, and that's a pretty huge thing for Palm. This isn't just a good OS, it's a great OS, and the updates in this version have made it even better. It's obvious that when combined with even slightly better hardware, it's also a fast experience that makes it easy to get real work done."
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RE[3]: I'm looking forward to it
by BigDaddy on Wed 20th Oct 2010 16:47 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: I'm looking forward to it"
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Oh, that creepy lady. I saw that commercial and you are right; it creeped me out so I changed the channel. Yeah, hope they don't use that anymore.

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