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Windows In previous OS News articles, I described how mature computers up to ten years oldĀ can be refurbished and made useful. One article identified and evaluated different approaches to refurbishing. This article tells how to performance tune a mature Windows computer to make it serviceable again. I hope it will interest anyone who wants to tune Windows.
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IMO, the PC sucks for gaming, period. DRM, ridiculous copy protection schemes, requirement of installing obscene amounts of data only to have to... put the fucking disc back in every time you want to play. Windows, Linux, or Mac, gaming on them just sucks. Video game consoles were better for as long as I remember. Though unfortunately, with the rise of downloadable games and content and the DRM cropping up on gaming systems, it's getting worse there; it's no longer as simple as "stick the cartridge or disc in any machine and it works".

What's funny is, as much as PC gaming sucks these days, just about all the stuff I care about runs fine on most any other OS. All those DOS classics will run in DOSBox pretty much no matter what the operating system is. The Build Engine (Duke 3D, Shadow Warrior, Blood, etc.) was ported to modern operating systems. The original Doom engine was ported long ago to modern systems. Doom 3 runs on Linux (better than in Windows, in fact... ironically) and Mac OS X, and if id Software stays true to their history, it will likely be open sourced in the next several years. That leaves Microsoft's Flight Simulator the sole Windows-requiring game (shock, surprise!) that I even give a rat's ass about. For the rest, there's consoles.

Sure, this doesn't say much, other than modern PC gaming these days and that many older games work no matter what the OS, and that for my gaming needs any OS works well.

Oh, one more thing, regarding Flight Simulator X. It takes up a whopping ~13GB space installed, and has this "Product Activation" garbage built in to require activating... otherwise, you've bought an expensive demo. Problem is... you can only activate the game up to two times on one PC, which it is tied to. Apparently Microsoft never imagined that their OS blows and would need occasional reinstalls, or that 13GB is a lot of space and maybe users might want to free that space up occasionally and reinstall the game later.

To make matters worse, I actually bought the Gold edition of the game which has the Acceleration pack. Sorry, I REFUSE to activate when I don't know how long I'll keep it on my machine and have only two times to activate. Downloaded a crack to allow playing without activating with Microsoft's servers. Tried installing the Acceleration expansion pack, and it refused because "FSX needs to be activated." So apparently I need to download a DVD ISO with a cracked installer to play a game I bought and own. What's worse is I already bought and opened it before finding out about the activation shit... all bets are off for getting any money back and telling them to shove it up their ass.

Grr... PC gaming is bullshit these days.

[Tries to cool down...] Alright, I think I went off-topic enough, just had to vent (just thinking about the FSX situation fires me up.) I'm outta here.

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