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Apple So, Apple held its usual autumn press get-together just now, and after a few rather uninspiring ones (to me, at least), they finally managed to blow me away, with the new MacBook Air (especially the 11.6" variant). They also gave a sneak peek at Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, which has... An App Store. An App Store Apple is going to open on Snow Leopard within 90 days.
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Scratching my head on this one...
by _Nine_ on Thu 21st Oct 2010 04:09 UTC
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You're "blown away" by an 11.whatever-inch laptop running a Core 2 Duo for $999? And since when is $999 an "aggressive price" for that a system that arguably competes with netbooks? Oh wait, I thought that was the iPad's job...

The Thinkpad X201 has a 12" screen, runs a Core i5 AND can get 10+ hours of battery life with the 9-cell battery--all for only a couple hundred bucks more than this MBA. What, is the ability fit into a Priority Mail envelope a deal-breaker feature now? I'm all for good industrial design, but the new models seem too form-over-function--even for Apple. And it certainly doesn't seem a bargain at a $999 starting price.

And full-screen applications are an example of how Apple is "far ahead of the curve"? That engineer was totally starting the brainwashing campaign to convince people that an iOS-like experience with psuedo-multitaksing is what they should want. Yep, I guess MS got it all wrong with the Aero Snap feature that everyone seems to love. Oh, and as for being "far ahead of the curve" for this full-screen app thing, Moblin/Meego has had that since forever ago. And, though it definitely feels cool, it's actually one of the features that really confines it to the netbook realm.

And a Mac App we didn't see that coming. Probably a good idea, but by no means that revolutionary.

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