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Apple So, Apple held its usual autumn press get-together just now, and after a few rather uninspiring ones (to me, at least), they finally managed to blow me away, with the new MacBook Air (especially the 11.6" variant). They also gave a sneak peek at Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, which has... An App Store. An App Store Apple is going to open on Snow Leopard within 90 days.
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RE[5]: Comment by Kroc
by kaiwai on Thu 21st Oct 2010 05:24 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by Kroc"
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So hang on, let me get this straight - you surrounded your self with loud mouth wankers and then extrapolate it over all Mac users? If you can't see the obvious problem with such an 'analysis' then any post showing you the errors of your ways is a waste of time.

If you don't like using a Mac then don't use one - end of story. I don't like running a Windows based computer hence I don't run one nor do I care if anyone did run one. As long as I'm not expected to help you nor listen to your woes, I don't care what you run.

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