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Mac OS X After the news that the new MacBook Airs do not ship with Flash pre-installed (which is news considering Flash has been part of Mac OS X for a very long time), we now have news that Apple is also taking what appears to be the first steps towards removing Apple's own Java runtime from Mac OS X.
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RE: Thank You
by testadura on Thu 21st Oct 2010 11:45 UTC in reply to "Thank You"
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Lately it seems very popular to shout how bad Java is and that it will die soon.

You probably don't know how valuable it is in the enterprise. It is powering many crucial applications where availability and performance is crucial. Of course, for simple webapps it is not best option anymore. True. But banking systems, medical data systems etc. benefit from Java.

Performance and high quality software is possible in Java; but you need to know what you are doing. It is very easy to write crappy code that is very inefficient. And the development of other languages on the JVM (Scala/Groovy/JRuby) is also very valuable.

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