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Mac OS X After the news that the new MacBook Airs do not ship with Flash pre-installed (which is news considering Flash has been part of Mac OS X for a very long time), we now have news that Apple is also taking what appears to be the first steps towards removing Apple's own Java runtime from Mac OS X.
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RE[2]: Only as long as ...
by pica on Thu 21st Oct 2010 13:36 UTC in reply to "RE: Only as long as ..."
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Maybe you will move if the OS X system it will be locked. Maybe a few others will move to. But even if 10% of the current users will move, the 30% Apple will charge of every single software licence will overcompensate this loss.

And another point which is unpleasant to read. So I guess, I will get voted down below 0 again.

I my opinion most Apple iPhone/iPad users use it because they feel comfortable, save in this locked down environment. They do not have to decide wether or not to use a specific application. An authority does this for them. They do not have to check if an application may contain malware. An authority does this for them. The lock in frees them from making decisions. From being responsible. Many, many people hate to make decisions or even more evil, to take responsiblity.

So I predicta locked down OS X will attract a damn lot of new users.


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