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Mac OS X After the news that the new MacBook Airs do not ship with Flash pre-installed (which is news considering Flash has been part of Mac OS X for a very long time), we now have news that Apple is also taking what appears to be the first steps towards removing Apple's own Java runtime from Mac OS X.
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by Laurence on Thu 21st Oct 2010 13:48 UTC in reply to "RE: Only as long as ..."
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not to mention that many 3rd party applications have their own licensing schemes which Apple doesn't allow in the app store. Some of these 3rd parties may also not want the user to have the ability to install their applications on as many macs as they own. Adobe comes to mind, but more importantly (at least to me) you have production applications like Ableton, Cubase, even Logic.

At risk of nit-picking, Apple own Logic. Have done since version 6 (hence why Logic switched to Mac only platform). So that specific example was a poor choice.
I would definitely move elsewhere if Apple were to lock down the Mac, but to where? There is nothing like the Mac for music production, things run smoothly and there is almost never any issues with hardware or software unless a 3rd party isn't paying attention.

Windows isn't so bad. As you already know, there's hundreds of professional VST(i)'s for Windows and most of the time it's as stable as the next OS. In fact, much like OS X, the only time I have problems with production on that platform is down to a poorly coded 3rd party plug in - which you meantioned above.

Almost every audio interface has their own set of drivers that may or may not work on your hardware/chipset/version of windows.

Never had that problem. Ever. Never even heard of other people having that problem aside a few users trying to run pre SP2 XP. But given the age of that set up, I don't think theres much room for complaint.

That all said, I'm far from loyal to Windows. Only use it for music production and DJing in Ableton - everything is done in Linux. So if I could justify the cost (it is only hobby after all) I'd buy a MacBook Pro just for Logic.

Off topic for a moment, but what sort of stuff do you produce?

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