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Mac OS X "No surprise that Apple's new Mac App Store has a similar set of rules and regulations as the iPhone App Store, and we just got the full list. There's nothing here that's too different from the iPhone review guidelines, but it all seems terribly odd when applied to a regular computer, and some of the more restrictive policies have already drawn ire from developers like Mozilla's Director of Firefox Mike Beltzner, who says the restriction against beta code won't work well with the Mozilla 'open beta' development process."
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I'm gonna be the odd man out here...
by thavith_osn on Fri 22nd Oct 2010 02:06 UTC
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But I don't think Apple is gonna close it's doors and only allow apps via the App store, at least not for OS X.

In the future if Apple move away from OS X as it is now, and into a iOS style environment where everything will have to be recoded for the new platform (just like we do now on the iOS), then yes, I can see Apple controlling that.

But for OS X as it is now (and for all 10.n into the future), we will have a choice.

What does this mean, well, for those of us who want full control of our machines, then we'll need to consider another OS.

I am sure MS will eventually follow suite, and I know I'll be flamed for this, but certain Linux distros will most likely do the same (thankfully only the big players (how will they do that, just the way Apple will, by creating a new platform based on Linux that is super controlled)).

There are certain advantages to a system like this (help control infection for one thing), but certainly big disadvantages too.

Who knows where all this will end up, but I'm sure the consumer will have a big say in it's direction either way...

I hope I'm wrong, but like a lot of others, I see the writing on the wall for most platforms, as usual, Apple is showing the way.

But, I will say this again, OS X (cats) will always allow apps to be installed in a variety of ways...

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