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Linux Linux 2.6.34 has been released. This version includes support for the Tilera architecture, a new filesystem notification interface called fanotify, a redesign of workqueues optimized for concurrency, CIFS local caching, support for Intel Intelligent Power Sharing in i3/5 systems, integration of the kernel debugger and KMS, inclusion of the AppArmor security system and several new drivers and small improvements. You can read the full changelog as well.
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RE: Speed
by darknexus on Fri 22nd Oct 2010 09:24 UTC in reply to "Speed"
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it would be good to see somewhere in release notes something that looks like: boot time reduced by 30% or 50%.
Or is the responsibility of speed improvements not on the kernel?

Depends. The actual boot speed of the os isn't primarily the kernel's doing, but rather how services are initialized and in what order, and are they started one at a time or in parallel? That being said, the Linux kernel does take considerably longer to initialize than most, especially if using a generic kernel such as those provided with the major distros. This has to do with how Linux's driver structure works and how hardware is probed mostly, at primary fault here is the fact that many drivers are in the kernel which probably should be loaded on demand. All that being said you can, if you wish of course, cut down on kernel boot times by making your own kernel, though it would be better for the distros to get a bit smarter about what actually needs to go in a kernel and what could go on the initrd and only be loaded if needed at boot or even later.

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