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Mac OS X After the news that the new MacBook Airs do not ship with Flash pre-installed (which is news considering Flash has been part of Mac OS X for a very long time), we now have news that Apple is also taking what appears to be the first steps towards removing Apple's own Java runtime from Mac OS X.
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RE: Damn you, Steve.
by henderson101 on Fri 22nd Oct 2010 09:34 UTC in reply to "Damn you, Steve."
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As a dedicated Kool-Aid drinker, I'm very saddened by this. Stupid decision.

Why? This is akin to back when Microsoft stopped supporting their own VM implementation. If Java is not Apple's focus, why not let a company (*cough* Oracle) take the burden? They are not "removing Java" they are simply saying "we are not going to make our own Java tools and VM". Oracle and the OpenJDK community could easily step up to the plate... If Apple were to open source their Java source tree, someone else could then take up the mantle.

This is all very "so, your technology failed to make inroads.. um... you can do all the donkey work now, we aren't interested in flogging your dead horse".

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