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Qt It's a rather unclear time over at Nokia in Espoo (Finland!), with people coming and going, and changes in development strategy. The latest one is, I think, a good one: Nokia has stated it will commit fully to Qt as the sole application development framework for both Symbian and MeeGo.
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Very happy about this ...
by JeffS on Fri 22nd Oct 2010 16:11 UTC
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Qt is an excellent cross platform GUI (and other APIs) toolkit. This is a great decision on Nokia's part because the existing Symbian toolkits pale in comparison, and JavaME, well, sucks. And to have a unified toolkit across both Symbian and MeeGo is a great idea. Plus the full desktop version of Qt works on Linux, Mac, Solaris, and Windows. Finally, Qt is both closed source and open source (you can choose your license, depending on your use/business plan), and it has a huge ecosystem and developer mind share.

And of all GUI toolkits I've tried (WinForms, Swing, SWT, GTK, WxWidgets, Qt), Qt is the best. It is really pleasant to work with. Heck it even makes C++ development pleasant. Don't like C++, then you can use one of the bindings, PyQt (the Python binding) the most notable.

Another thing of note here - Nokia are still far and away the largest seller of cell phones on the planet. In the smart phone arena, they have lost market share to iPhone and Android. But they're still huge there. Plus, they sell more "regular" feature phones than anybody. Indeed, in spite of all the Apple and Android and Blackberry hype, Nokia are the 800 pound gorilla in cell phones.

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