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Windows As of today, Microsoft won't allow manufacturers to install XP on new netbooks," says blogger Kevin Fogarty. "That doesn't mean corporate customers who special-order hardware with XP won't be able to get it, or even that its market share ( 60 percent!) will drop any time soon.... It just means XP has taken the first babystep toward obsolescence and the long (really long, considering its market share) slide down toward the pit of minor operating systems like the MacOS X (4.39 percent) , Java ME (.95 percent) and "Other" (which I think is an alternative spelling for "Linux" (.85 percent).
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RE: Maybe an overdue step
by vocivus on Fri 22nd Oct 2010 17:56 UTC in reply to "Maybe an overdue step"
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I don't think that disallowing XP on new netbooks is automatically a boon for Linux. I think this notion presupposes that Win7 is not a good candidate for a netbook, or at least that it isn't as good as WinXP.

In fact, Win7 runs pretty freakin' well on netbooks, and in my humble opinion it's actually much better than XP. I wouldn't put it on an eee701, but I would definitely opt for it over XP on anything current.

OTOH, I've had no end of frustration with getting Ubuntu working on systems that handled Win7 without a hitch. (GMA500 is a PITA).

I'm not an MS fanboy, but I don't see the market swarming to Linux when they can't get their XP.

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