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Windows There's been a bunch of Windows Phone 7 reviews out there, and most of them come to the same conclusion: great piece of software for a 1.0 release, but it does miss a few vital features. The Ars Technica review, as usual very in-depth, highlights one particular aspect of the platform that speaks to me: Windows Phone 7 has a sense of humour.
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Won't buy the product, but...
by Neolander on Fri 22nd Oct 2010 18:43 UTC
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...I wish microsoft well. Sincerely.

As much as I dislike touchscreens, it's just the best touch-phone experience I've seen until now. They stealed what was good on the competing OSs (ah, finally someone who understands how much Symbian's home screen is pure genius !), and introduced a handful of interesting improvements (like tight integration between various system components), all that with extreme polish and attention to details that is one of the basis of a very good product.

Maybe they're a bit late, but they certainly aren't doing too little. I'm genuinely impressed by the quality of this. If only some manufacturer could put that much care *outside* of the high end/touchscreen realm...

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