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Windows There's been a bunch of Windows Phone 7 reviews out there, and most of them come to the same conclusion: great piece of software for a 1.0 release, but it does miss a few vital features. The Ars Technica review, as usual very in-depth, highlights one particular aspect of the platform that speaks to me: Windows Phone 7 has a sense of humour.
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RE[3]: 18 page review??????
by Shkaba on Fri 22nd Oct 2010 23:17 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: 18 page review??????"
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What I mean by that is, that Apple had two choices really (considering dominance of windows boxes):

1. Allow access to iPod/iPhone as a mass storage device or use MS sync
2. Close the device and allow only iTunes to access it

Considering that jobs is a control freak, he went with iTunes. The fact that it is just a piece of c@#* can me covered by blaming windows.

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