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Internet Explorer "There, I said it. Microsoft has been bombarding the media with claims about how much better IE9 is than all the other browsers, more HTML5 and CSS3 compliant than any other browser that ever existing and ever will. It's the only browser that passes all the tests they made up. And, Microsoft has finally implemented the CSS3 selectors that were implemented by other browsers back in, what? 2003? Because Microsoft has updated IE to support CSS3 selectors and rounded corners, they want us to believe that somehow IE9 magically supports the whole slew of CSS3 visual styling. I'm afraid it doesn't. As a matter of fact, IE9's support for CSS3 visual styling is so poor that the results are shocking."
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Comment by kaiwai
by kaiwai on Sat 23rd Oct 2010 00:17 UTC
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A Microsoft employee not to long ago addressed the issue of open standards and the fact remains that man of the browsers have buggy implementations that are silently fixed up with updates. I suggest anyone who thinks otherwise should check out the bug entries over at webkit to see the bugs relating to conformance being fixed.

Regarding Internet Explorer 9's conformance; again, another article was posted regarding Microsoft writing tests for standards that have no conformance tests - those have been submitted to W3C with many of the browsers testing and fixing up bugs behind the scenes. Like the whole Flash and 'poor performance on Mac OS X' fiasco, there seems to be a certain group of loud mouths spouting crap via their blog whilst ignoring that the situation is more complex than just 'Microsoft sucking' as the blogger implied.

In closing, if the individual believes that it is a bug then why hasn't he contacted Microsoft or started a conversation over on Channel 9/MSDN forums? the venue is open to discuss such issues but it seem to be he is more concerned with generating traffic to his website than actually being proactive about getting the problem sorted.

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