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Windows There's been a bunch of Windows Phone 7 reviews out there, and most of them come to the same conclusion: great piece of software for a 1.0 release, but it does miss a few vital features. The Ars Technica review, as usual very in-depth, highlights one particular aspect of the platform that speaks to me: Windows Phone 7 has a sense of humour.
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Comment by kaiwai
by kaiwai on Sat 23rd Oct 2010 01:03 UTC
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The only thing I find annoying is the lack of Microsoft stating that there is will be an update early 2011 in response to those pundits whining about features missing from the initial release. It is endemic of Microsoft to release a product but fail to respond to their critics in a robust and meaningful way.

I for one am excited about WP7 phones and looking forward to see the update early 2011 before I go ahead and purchase one myself. It seems that Microsoft has finally woken up and realised what the market wants - better still they're using the technology at their disposal to deliver it to the end user. Their developer tools for example are second to none - for the enterprise developer to the one man band developing an application in his/her spare time one can develop and deploy very quickly.

WP7 has invigorated the platform wars on the phone which will hopefully spill over into the computer space as well - Lion was a massive let down given the gimmicky features that were added of zero interest me. Hopefully next year we'll see more details regarding Lion and Windows 8 as to chart the future course of which direction I'll take.

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