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Qt It's a rather unclear time over at Nokia in Espoo (Finland!), with people coming and going, and changes in development strategy. The latest one is, I think, a good one: Nokia has stated it will commit fully to Qt as the sole application development framework for both Symbian and MeeGo.
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Richard Dale
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I would say that Python is the only dynamic language worth using, but you know how sensitive those Ruby guys are... (I kid, I kid! ;-)

I was surprised to see Nokia dropping Java support, given Java's popularity in phones and in the enterprise, but even more surprised to see no complaints (am I looking in all the wrong places?). I saw no community rise up to maintain Java support (MeeGo is an open platform, right?), so... is Java really a player on Nokia phones? Any idea why not?

Qt# (Qt on C#) was started and then faded. If the community cares so little for Qt on .Net, why should Nokia care about .Net on MeeGo?

And D? It's cool and all that, but it's a pretty small programming community to warrant a significant investment by Nokia.

Just $0.02 from an old engineer...

Yes, you're right - we Ruby guys are sensitive, caring types!

I think it is a characteristic of the Python community in that they will say that everyone should use Python and be rude about other languages. Whereas Ruby guys will say use Ruby if it suits you, but feel free to use something else like Python if it doesn't suit you, and we won't hold it against you. In fact we will be interested to hear how you get on.

The is a current C#/.NET Qt bindings project called Qyoto. When KDE moves from svn to git Qyoto will be re-engineered somewhat. Instead of generating the C# classes from the Qt header sources, it will generate the bindings directly from the language independent 'Smoke' libraries that various Qt/KDE language bindings projects use. This should make it much easier to maintain, and easier to add new libraries to the bindings.

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