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Windows "Windows 7 might be a massive commercial success and an undeniably rock solid piece of software, but Microsoft is apparently unwilling to rest on those soft and cozy laurels. Asked about the riskiest product bet the Redmond crew is currently developing, its fearless leader Steve Ballmer took no time in answering 'the next release of Windows'." Also of note in this same video interview thing: Ballmer states that Silverlight is now pretty much strictly a client, non-cross platform thing, while explicitly stating that when it comes to doing something universal, "the world's gone HTML5".
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by kaiwai on Sun 24th Oct 2010 05:44 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by kaiwai"
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It's possible that what will happen is the major players (MS, Apple, Google) will just move ahead with implementing the most obvious features and perhaps a few they WISH would be standardized on... creating some schisms but at least providing most of the functionality even before the standard is finalized.

Hopefully that is the case because fucked if I know why there are non-browser vendors in W3C who keep holding up stuff - Adobe blocking any sort of standardisation because it would undermine their near monopoly status. Personally they need to develop a body that only has browser vendors and excludes everyone else - the browser vendors agree on something then everyone else has to catch up to those standards.

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