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Windows "Windows 7 might be a massive commercial success and an undeniably rock solid piece of software, but Microsoft is apparently unwilling to rest on those soft and cozy laurels. Asked about the riskiest product bet the Redmond crew is currently developing, its fearless leader Steve Ballmer took no time in answering 'the next release of Windows'." Also of note in this same video interview thing: Ballmer states that Silverlight is now pretty much strictly a client, non-cross platform thing, while explicitly stating that when it comes to doing something universal, "the world's gone HTML5".
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by thavith_osn on Sun 24th Oct 2010 06:00 UTC in reply to "Comment by kaiwai"
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Within a single presentation Steve Jobs has done a fine job convincing at least one person (me) that Mac OS X doesn't have a future in his grand plans.

I am a big OS X fan and have been for ages (well, since the beta) so read this with a grain of salt...

I also thought the presentation for Lion was unimpressive to say the least, but I think there is going to be a lot more to Lion than a UI update. I think you'll find a lot of very interesting additions to it. Maybe I'm just hoping, but I think the name gives away a lot of what they are doing.

Lions are traditionally the "King" of the jungle, so to create a mediocre release and call it Lion is not something they would do. I base this on the fact that Snow Leopard didn't offer than much new, so they basically said it was still Leopard, but with a bit of snow thrown in for good measure :-)

I think for a start it will use the cores under the hood much more efficiently, ie. all the work they did for Snow Leopard will start to pay off.

I think Finder will finally be updated to a modern tab based thing with access to the cloud (I hate that term) and so on (maybe cut will be added to copy when moving files, but I won't hold my breath - LOL).

I think the OS will also support flash memory a lot better than it currently does.

And so on...

I think Jobs did the simple presentation just to let us know that something is coming and to give it a name and a launch date. Other than that, there wasn't that much to show. I do like the new launcher though, kind of iPad meets OS X, very nice. I thought the swipping between full screens was nice, but didn't seem to work that well on the mouse - LOL...

However, this is about Ballmer. I have not been a fan of Ballmer since forever, I find him to be as technically sound as most of the bosses I have ever worked for, which is not saying much ;-)

But... This is one of the first times I have been encouraged by what he is saying. Basically, Silverlight won't continue to be pushed as an alternative to HTML (just as Flash is also losing interest). The fact that Ballmer sees HTML in a similar way as Jobs and others do is very encouraging. Maybe there is hope for MS after all!

I'm sure as I am writing this, Ballmer is off somewhere being quoted saying something mind numbingly stupid again (as is his want) - LOL...

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