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Windows "Windows 7 might be a massive commercial success and an undeniably rock solid piece of software, but Microsoft is apparently unwilling to rest on those soft and cozy laurels. Asked about the riskiest product bet the Redmond crew is currently developing, its fearless leader Steve Ballmer took no time in answering 'the next release of Windows'." Also of note in this same video interview thing: Ballmer states that Silverlight is now pretty much strictly a client, non-cross platform thing, while explicitly stating that when it comes to doing something universal, "the world's gone HTML5".
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RE[4]: Risky?
by melgross on Sun 24th Oct 2010 18:25 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Risky?"
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" There was little really new about Vista.

Completely new graphics stack, written from scratch. Completely new audio stack, written from scratch. Completely new network stack, written from scratch. Completely new user interface. Boatloads of security-oriented features and large overhauls in the kernel. Completely new printing stack. Every major application was updated. New and very detailed power management features.

This is just a selection of new things compared to XP. Saying Vista was "nothing new" is nothing but trolling - outdated trolling, even.

Not much new when compared to what they were promising with Longhorn. Server was always a better base for Windows in general.

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