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Apple Being the brains behind Microsoft has made Bill Gates the wealthiest guy in the world. So he can pretty much afford to buy his kids any gadgets they want. However, Apple devices are banned in the Gates’ house. This is surprisingly not a rule set by Bill Gates. Melinda Gates has made it very clear in an interview with The New York Times that she does not allow Apple hardware in the house. If the kids want an iPod they’ll have to settle for a Zune instead.
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RE: Wise Move
by kaiwai on Mon 25th Oct 2010 04:32 UTC in reply to "Wise Move"
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I refuse to purchase or install any Apple product, as they are complete shit.
iPods need rockbox to be made useful, the iPhone needs gaolbreaking to be made useful, iTunes is seriously ugly (as is the rest of their brushed aluminium rubbish), and quicktime is essentially malware.

Every Apple product has at least one superior alternative.
iPod? Archos media player.
iTunes? Foobar2000
iMac? Linux/Windows custom build.
quicktime? VLC.
iPhone? Android, MeeGo, WinMo7, Blackberry, WebOS.

Assuming you want to do it all yourself. Archos? come on - why the hell would you want to use something with such a horrible reliability track record and bundles an ancient version of a firmware? In New Zealand to get an Archos net tablet you'll be paying $300 more than an iPod Touch and an ancient version of Android on it - fuck that for a joke.

What you've provided is nothing other than, "here is some half baked shit that I'll use simply to spite Apple" - I don't give a crap about the company, all I care about is the end result. The simple fact of the matter is that most of Apple's competitors just don't have their act together - it is that simple.

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