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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Microsoft Netherlands published a news story on their website on Friday to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the release of Windows 7. Nothing surprising there one would think, except for the fact that the last paragraph of the article gave an outlook at the future, revealing the Windows 8 release date.
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RE: Just a few ideas
by dnstest on Mon 25th Oct 2010 08:00 UTC in reply to "Just a few ideas"
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You make some good points there, nothing I disagree with. I do a lot of Windows making up to date install disks is a must for me (unless I want to sit in Windows Update for hours for each install). I loved nLite for XP. In case you haven't heard about it, there is a similar tool for 7 that works great IMO. Gives you many of the same options and lets you unlock all editions on any 7 ISO. The tool is RT Seven Lite @ It takes quite a bit longer than nLite, because of the decompression and rebuilding process...but it still is a handy tool!

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