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Apple Being the brains behind Microsoft has made Bill Gates the wealthiest guy in the world. So he can pretty much afford to buy his kids any gadgets they want. However, Apple devices are banned in the Gates’ house. This is surprisingly not a rule set by Bill Gates. Melinda Gates has made it very clear in an interview with The New York Times that she does not allow Apple hardware in the house. If the kids want an iPod they’ll have to settle for a Zune instead.
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RE[4]: Wise Move
by TheGZeus on Mon 25th Oct 2010 15:44 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Wise Move"
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By "fix up" do you mean "make like windows"? Because that's not going to happen.
Anyone who calls for the death of the command line is laughed at by anyone who's ever actually used it well.

Linux doesn't need any more users, really. It needs more developers, because it's moving too fast and the code can't keep up with demand.

Don't like the UI? Change it.
Hardware not supported? Get a pre-6XXX ATI video card and/or install proprietary drivers for video. There. Now all your hardware is supported.
Want your favourite applications to run? Pay Adobe a few million dollars and I'm sure they'll get started on porting CS5... or learn a bit of programming and help with GIMP and Inkscape.

We don't give a shit about people that aren't using Linux. In fact, Debian doesn't care about Arch users. Arch doesn't care about Gentoo users, and Gentoo doesn't care about Ubuntu users.
They might have strong opinions on the other distro's _developers_, but the users? At best they're looked down upon as misguided, much as Windows users are.
Ubuntu cares about Windows users, because Ubugtu is awful, and does everything else wrong, too.

"K, bye."
The 'evangelistic' (not putting words in your mouth, just a bit of hyperbole) people are equally misguided. Yes, buying proprietary software is feeding the beast, but you can't feed a dinosaur that's trapped in a desert forever. Eventually it will do enough damage to its surrounding environment that it will run out of food source, and die.
Some of us don't even care if MS/Apple stays around. I think it's always a good laugh to watch them huff and puff about things.

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