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General Development InfoWorld's Peter Wayner reports on once niche programming languages gaining mind share among enterprise developers for their unique abilities to provide solutions to increasingly common problems. From Python to R to Erlang, each is being increasingly viewed as an essential tool for prototyping on the Web, hacking big data sets, providing quick predictive modeling, powering NoSQL experiments, and unlocking the massive parallelism of today's GPUs.
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RE: Surprised about matlab
by SuperDaveOsbourne on Tue 26th Oct 2010 03:36 UTC in reply to "Surprised about matlab"
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Question I have for you is what in the freaking world does your advisor have over you to get you to do matlab work for him/her? Don't you have standards? Are you really going to be able to stand yourself at the end of your degree (oh, wait, maybe this is it, your advisor has a degree over your head?) knowing you spent most of your brilliance using matlab, maintaining someone else's code? Sheeze, this is frightening to hear. Get a life, get another advisor, get someone that is actually going to help you with a job in a market that is ever shrinking (even more so regarding matlab).

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