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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Well, this was inevitable. After Samsung and Sony Ericsson abandoning Symbian for their line of smartphones, and after Symbian Foundation executive director Lee Williams leaving the company for "personal reasons", there's now a report that the Symbian Foundation is winding down its operations, in preparation for closing up shop entirely.
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Comment by miles
by miles on Tue 26th Oct 2010 11:52 UTC
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Since Fujitsu (and AFAIR another phone OEM - Sharp?) is building its next platform on top of Symbian, I wonder if Nokia could really take back Symbian development in-house. At least they'd have to keep the development in the open, and unless they just changed their company culture from open to closed overnight, I don't see them changing much to the way it's been developed till now.

They might want to get rid of the foundation though, since that entity has been nothing but slow and stuck in the old age.

Just for example, there's a bug open about providing a decent multi-language font for a start, so Symbian users can read SMS and emails using different character set than the phone's, and their answer was basically that it's the phone maker right to decide that, so they can lock users to a stupid last century mobile feature phone, when competing smartphone platforms make a point to let you use your phone for what you need it to do. Don't even talk about allowing the user to install different input dictionary or IM... if you need German, Chinese and Japanese you need to buy 3 smartphones, because it would be so bad if you could do that with only one. Same if you need Italian, Spanish and French.

I wish whoever ends up taking the shots understands what a modern mobile OS should be, instead of keeping them in that "middleware for feature phones" mentality.

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