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Qt Recently a project called 'Qt Modularization' was initiated. This is a project that aims to modularize Qt at every level. As you may know already, Qt is currently modularized on the DLL level; each module has its own DLL. However, the project as a whole is still monolithic; all the code is hosted in a single repository, you cannot build a leaf module without building the modules on which it depends. This project aims to change that, so that the modules are hosted in different repositories, with separate maintainers, and modules may have different release schedules.
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Think about bindings too!
by danieldk on Tue 26th Oct 2010 16:38 UTC
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This is really nice, modularization has done wonders to

Slightly related: it may be nice to decrease dependencies as well, in particular reliance on a QApplication or QCoreApplication object being created. I like to use Qt in my C++ software, including libraries. But it is preferable to avoid leaking this to library users, in terms of needing to make a QCoreApplication object.

(I know that many QtCore classes work without, however things like locales break.)

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