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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Well, this is sure to raise a few eyebrows here and there. Today, at the Ubuntu Developer Summit, Mark Shuttleworth held his keynote speech, and in it, he announced that Ubuntu will switch to the Unity user interface come release, for both the netbook as well as the desktop, leaving the GNOME user interface behind (but keeping the GNOME platform).
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by Jason Bourne on Tue 26th Oct 2010 21:32 UTC
Jason Bourne
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I hope that something new comes out of this DE mess. I can't stand anymore GNOME being so stagnant, I can't stand KDE not being more than enough, I can't stand xfce, openbox and ratpoison. I mean... something, something needs to come out and stand for Linux, as a common, ubiquitous and modern DE.

All I want is a solid, logical and easy interface to use. Even if devs copied Windows all way round, it would be much more achieving than just produce another 4 panel equipped DE.

I hope Unity really blows minds by April, but I doubt it will. Shuttleworth crazy ideas are surfacing more and more, and obviously he doesn't care about the repercussion, which I it is a bit unfair. Decisions like this need to be taken on a several minds paradigm, but deciding alone what is best or not for millions of users is just fulfilling his self put acronym.

Didn't like current Unity in netbook version, didn't like buttons moving to the left in 10.04, and I am sure I am going to not like windicators and several MacOS rip offs.

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