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Linux Clang can build a kernel now. "The kernel can successfully boot to runlevel 5 (aka X + networking) on the Macbook, both on bare metal and in Qemu. The kernel can successfully boot to runlevel 3 on a secondary test machine, a microATX desktop box (Intel Atom). I haven't tried to start X on this box yet. The kernel can self-host; I am currently running a 'fourth generation' self-hosted Linux kernel built by a 'fourth generation' Clang."
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RE: Not quite.
by GatoLoko on Tue 26th Oct 2010 21:34 UTC in reply to "Not quite."
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The post notes that neither VDSO or the boot code build correctly with clang. The poster modified the build system to compile these two vital components with GCC. So no, clang can't quite build a working Linux kernel on its own yet.

You haven't read the full thread, have you? On a reply [1], the same author says those things, and other that were failing, can be compiled now.


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