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Linux Clang can build a kernel now. "The kernel can successfully boot to runlevel 5 (aka X + networking) on the Macbook, both on bare metal and in Qemu. The kernel can successfully boot to runlevel 3 on a secondary test machine, a microATX desktop box (Intel Atom). I haven't tried to start X on this box yet. The kernel can self-host; I am currently running a 'fourth generation' self-hosted Linux kernel built by a 'fourth generation' Clang."
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RE: Simply: Congratulations
by Valhalla on Wed 27th Oct 2010 12:43 UTC in reply to "Simply: Congratulations"
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IMHO that's a major milestone. The next step would be a few distributors to switch to clang. This would make gcc and clang compete. Competition is IMHO vital for improvement.

I agree, as long as it means that both compilers are supported. I don't want to be trapped in some ideologic choice of compiler, I want to be able to use the best compiler for my particular needs, which can differ from project to project aswell as different project stages. Clang IS aimed to be a drop-in replacement for GCC, so when it's compability matures we will be able to choose which compiler to use based upon what they offer technically, not because one is licenced under X and someone made a decision based upon ideology regarding which one to support, or because one compiler fails to compile certain code due to incompability.

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