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Mac OS X It's one of those days again. A supposed security threat appears, and the internet loses its collective brain and starts panicking like Alpha and Omega's kingdom come. This time around, it's a trojan horse thing (it's a trojan, worm, and root kit all in one, though) that targets Mac OS X and Windows. As it turns out, though, the threat this thing poses is not very large (at this point in time).
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Disabling plugin X is not an option
by Matzon on Thu 28th Oct 2010 05:35 UTC
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Whenever people say that you should just turn of plugin X I almost throw a hissy fit.

Disabling X does not solve the greater issue.

Next you'll be asing me to not use the browser at all? - they have almost weekly 0-day exploits.

Oh, and my OS is insecure too? - best pull the plug entirely then.

We use Flash, Java, Unity, Plugin X for a reason. It provides features that browsers do not allow.

In the case of Java, you can scream all you want, but html/5 + webgl + tracemonkey is simply not good enough for running stuff like minecraft - or other OpenGL based Java games (see:
Furthermore, for instance in Denmark, then national ID scheme is using a Java component to securely log in on all sites.
You may argue that it should have been done in another way, and I would probably agree. But the fact remains that to use the government provided national ID, you MUST have Java installed and enabled for your browser.

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