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Mac OS X It's one of those days again. A supposed security threat appears, and the internet loses its collective brain and starts panicking like Alpha and Omega's kingdom come. This time around, it's a trojan horse thing (it's a trojan, worm, and root kit all in one, though) that targets Mac OS X and Windows. As it turns out, though, the threat this thing poses is not very large (at this point in time).
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Java security alert
by Dirge on Thu 28th Oct 2010 08:39 UTC
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"In their report, they say the initial Java apple portion throws up a nice Java warning cancel/allow dialog, meaning everything works as intended and the threat level of this attack is low."

Ok so how useful is the standard Mac OS X Java security alert? From what I can tell the alert is non descriptive and a non technical user might just as well click allow.
I mean how are they to know whether this alert has any merit, and what does it matter to them when all they want is access to their file or video. Even if one were to view the certificate, what would a non technical user make of it.

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