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FreeBSD "This report covers FreeBSD-related projects between July and September 2010. It is the third of the four reports planned for 2010. During this period, we were victims of one of the biggest BSD events of the year - EuroBSDCon. We hope that the ones of you who have been able to attend it have enjoyed your stay. Another good news is that work on the new minor versions of FreeBSD, 7.4 and 8.2, is progressing well."
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by Radio on Thu 28th Oct 2010 16:16 UTC in reply to "Comment by dnebdal"
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Chakra (an Arch linux spin-off) is trying the same thing with "bundles". The few of their bundles I've seen are smaller than PBIs (Firefox for example is half smaller -but still twice as big as the windows exe).

It would be good to have a technical comparison, but I'm too inexperienced for that.

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