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Google Google has confirmed on the official Android Developer Twitter account that the Android Market has surpassed the milestone of 100000 applications. In perspective, Steve Jobs said last week that the Apple App Store now contains over 300000 applications. Having said that, the Android Market has now arguably reached a point where the difference becomes almost immaterial in a practical sense, because even with only 100000 applications it is unlikely anyone will be short-changed for choice.
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The problem isn't a large number of apps available, its that a lot of apps have produced almost not meaningfully or in real terms useful apps. First off, apps aren't applications. They are very often single task tools which are tedious to use at best in large part due to the device's limits, interface and power inclusive, as well as the quote OS which runs on the device. Then you have layers of garbage to deal with in the dev environment and finally a singular problem of quality since every jerkoff is 'developing' these apps. In all, the mobile space wastes more time than Windows, and OSX if it survives this simpleton to the lowest common denominator devolution ever did.

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