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In the News "The Russian state plans to revamp its computer services with a Windows rival to reduce its dependence on US giant Microsoft and better monitor computer security, a lawmaker said Wednesday. Moscow will earmark 150 million rubles (3.5 million euros, 4.9 million dollars) to develop a national software system based on the Linux operating system, Russian deputy Ilia Ponomarev told AFP, confirming an earlier report in the Vedomosti daily." Right. I guess this has absolutely nothing to do with this. Want to buy a unicorn?
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I don't care about the V-2, I was just making a point.
Let me spell it out more clearly.
Some Russian vehicles have been crap, indeed. Cold war propaganda kept repeating how crap Russian vehicles were and to this day it is still the case. Now everything from Russia is assumed to be crap because "see how crappy their vehicles are!"
Right, so McDonald's makes crap food. Let's say all American products are like McDonald's. Look at how shitty their products are.
Now look at German TV. Derick is the crappiest thing that has ever appeared on a screen. If all German products are like Derick, I assume the V-2 you talk about were not very effective.

My point is that some very good products have actually been made in Russia, like the Sputnik. The cold war being over, even the West can now accept that.

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