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Microsoft "Microsoft profit jumped 51 percent year over year and recorded record quarterly revenue during Q1 of its fiscal year 2011, the company said today, killing Wall Street estimates as skepticism surrounded Microsoft's cash cows. Net income skyrocketed from $3.57 billion in Q1FY10 to $5.41 billion in the quarter ending Sept. 30, launched by strong sales of Windows 7 and Office 2010. The year-ago period, however, was a low point as Microsoft weathered the poor economy. Earnings per share was 62 cents, eclipsing the Wall Street consensus estimate of 55 cents. And while analysts had expected revenue of $15.8 billion, Microsoft reported $16.2 billion - up 25 percent over the year-ago period."
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Bare bones doesn't sell worth s****t
by westlake on Fri 29th Oct 2010 15:20 UTC
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Basically, they don't care about the tiny minority of people who want the hardware without the software.[i][/i]

The OEM system install has been the gold standard in the home and SOHO market for thirty years.

The buyer shops for the balanced and tested configuration of hardware and software that fits his needs and budget.

It is sold with a warranty and maybe a service contract -

For the holiday shopper, is offering an incredible 242 Win 7 laptops, 96 desktops, 232 Windows keyboards, 111 Windows printers, 78 Windows webcams, 504 Windows PC games - something like a thousand software titles for Windows in all.

The numbers are telling.

The "Windows refund" is bogus - little better than a scam, really.

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