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Legal Now, this is an interesting development in the ongoing war against Android. Oracle didn't just sue Google for allegedly infringing its Java patents; it also claimed copyright infringement. Oracle has amended its complaint, and, fair is fair, they've got the code to prove it: indeed, Android contains code that appears to be copied verbatim from Java - mind you, appears. However, the code in question comes straight from Apache's Harmony project, which raises the question - would a respected and long-established cornerstone of the open source world really accept tainted code in the first place?
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Large part of Java is GPL'd
by siki_miki on Fri 29th Oct 2010 15:45 UTC
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So this Oracle crap is just for blackmailing google to support Java ME and/or pay licensing fees. I hope Google defends successfully in court, they are rich enough to push Android through the legal minefield set up by the competition.

Also a _lot_ of java is GPLed, which the evil Oracle doesn't seem to respect in this case.

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