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Microsoft Most websites glossed over this, but we didn't. Silverlight, once touted as Microsoft's answer to Adobe's Flash, has been retooled from its original purpose. Microsoft is betting big on HTML5 instead, turning Silverlight into the development platform for Windows Phone, and that's it. So... Silverlight is dead - long live Silerlight?
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RE[2]: Moonlight
by vivainio on Sat 30th Oct 2010 18:01 UTC in reply to "RE: Moonlight"
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If Moonlight isn't a "requirement" (it never was, BTW), then what of Mono?

Mono has entirely different dynamics from Moonlight. While ML was more of a "browser plugin" / utility thing, Mono is a development environment. Haskell or Common Lisp are not "required" either, but they have a reason to be available because some people like to code using them - and one thing Open Source should endorse is people's freedom to write code in whatever environment works for them.

I bet most of us agree that Mono should not be a critical part of the free desktop infrastructure (due to the close MS ties), but if it gives us a few cool apps - why not have it around, net benefit is bigger than the small risk it bears.

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