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Microsoft Most websites glossed over this, but we didn't. Silverlight, once touted as Microsoft's answer to Adobe's Flash, has been retooled from its original purpose. Microsoft is betting big on HTML5 instead, turning Silverlight into the development platform for Windows Phone, and that's it. So... Silverlight is dead - long live Silerlight?
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If I had to choose...
by NeoX on Sun 31st Oct 2010 03:20 UTC
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Honestly Silverlight is not that bad, even on a Mac. If I had to choose between flash or silverlight, flash would hit the dumpster. I hate watching videos in flash on my MacBook as it uses so much CPU that the fans kick on and it sounds like my MacBook is going to fly off my desk. OK that is an exaggeration, it's not that loud, certainly not HP laptop loud! But still it shouldn't be that way if flash was more efficient and not such a dog.

Silverlight, on the other hand, does not cause my fans to blast up to full. I watched an hour or so of MSDN video in silverlight the other night and it was fine, no airplane on my desk! :-D

Of course, I suppose neither one would be a better choice, but unfortunately that means you don't get a lot of content on the web. So for now it is life.

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