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Legal If you can't compete, litigate. This train of thought has been quite prevalent among major technology companies as of late, most notably by Apple and Microsoft, who both cannot compete with Android on merit, so they have to resort to patent lawsuits and FUD. Both Asustek and Acer have revealed that Microsoft plans to impose royalty fees upon the two Taiwanese hardware makers to prevent them from shipping Android and/or Chrome OS devices.
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RE[4]: Zero surprise.
by lemur2 on Sun 31st Oct 2010 11:05 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Zero surprise."
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That tin foil hat is pretty snug huh? Funny how people aren't allowed to have dissenting opinions without getting accused of being paid by company X. There really are free thinkers that happen disagree with you; this doesn't make them "paid MS $hills", it just means that they disagree. Making baseless accusations doesn't strengthen your argument, it weakens it.

So you are not prepared then to give us your view on this situation, wherein Microsoft is asking a company to pay for a license to Microsoft patents which the company's products do not embody?

Why am I not surprised?

BTW, it occurs to me to ponder ... why would anybody who is not working for Microsoft's interests, on a topic where someone started out by claiming that "they are no fan of Microsoft", be afraid to give us their opinion on that point?

What could possibly be holding you back, fewt?

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