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Microsoft Most websites glossed over this, but we didn't. Silverlight, once touted as Microsoft's answer to Adobe's Flash, has been retooled from its original purpose. Microsoft is betting big on HTML5 instead, turning Silverlight into the development platform for Windows Phone, and that's it. So... Silverlight is dead - long live Silerlight?
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It is available for symbian. But while you're at it why not add QNX,BeOS, OS/2.

Just because it was unavailable on certain platforms does not invalidate its (ex-) stated mission to be cross platform. Maybe if the strategy had not changed it would eventually get to those platforms.

It is not nearly cross-platform enough, that is the problem.

Also, it is a proprietary technology, which makes it totally unsuitable for use as a web standard.

Why write a web technology that can't be used on the web by a hefty percentage of web-connected devices, such as some phones, tablets, smartbooks and netbooks, and even some desktops?

BTW - being a "standard" hasn't anything to do with the bare number of devices that can or cannot use it. A "standard" is meant to enable interoperability across the board for any device from any manufacturer.

Standards are about wide interoperability, not popularity.

"Windows + Mac" just doesn't cut it. Not by a loooooooonnnng shot.

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