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Microsoft Most websites glossed over this, but we didn't. Silverlight, once touted as Microsoft's answer to Adobe's Flash, has been retooled from its original purpose. Microsoft is betting big on HTML5 instead, turning Silverlight into the development platform for Windows Phone, and that's it. So... Silverlight is dead - long live Silerlight?
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Silverlight is not available on Linux. (Moonlight is available, but it is barely useable and even then only for x86 and x86_64, and only after downloading binary-blob codecs from Microsoft).

You see, this is where your misconception begins. Silverlight is not only a streaming technology. That's maybe 1% of what Silverlight is. Silverlight is a cross platform CLR capable of running under full trust on 3 different platforms. Moonlight does this nearly perfectly. It's a work in progress, but it's getting there.

You're delusional if you think HTML5 is implemented the same, even across Gecko or WebKit, so the point is largely moot.

Silverlight is not available for a whole host of web-connected devices and platforms:
- Android
- Symbian
- Palm
- Blackberry

... to mention only a few.

Silverlight runs on ARM (Symbian and Windows Phone 7)
Also, why are you mixing manufacturers with architectures?

You might as well say Silverlight isn't available on the following platforms:

- Windows
- Linux
- Hamburger
- Potato
- iPhone

See how long and important my list is? I must be right. You're not honest at all, please be honest.

This is a sizeable percentage of machines that can otherwise fully participate in the open web.

A lack of reach is not vendor lock in, it just means they don't have infinite resources ..

You didn't prove anything, you just further cemented my belief that you know approximately nothing. You continue to disappoint.

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