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Legal Yesterday, we discussed the claims made by Oracle about Google allegedly copying their code, and quickly enough, the web - I included - concluded that it looked like the code in question originally came from Apache's Harmony Project - although no one could find it in the current code repository. Earlier this morning, I contacted the Apache Software Foundation, and they cleared everything up: the contested class library does not, and did not, come from the Apache Harmony project.
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RE[9]: Google annoys me
by NeoX on Mon 1st Nov 2010 05:28 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: Google annoys me"
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He's making a generalization, which, as an American, I believe to be fair.

Americans are largely ignorant of the law, of the agreements they sign, of how companies do business.

But he wasn't talking about the law or contracts or any of the things you mentioned, which personally I think apply to all humans, not just USA citizens, it was just an overall generalization which you are welcome to feel is fair, but I don't agree with that. Now that is just my opinion and you are free to have yours.

And, when Americans don't pay attention to the fine print, and get shafted as a result, we scream bloody murder and file lawsuits.

And this is different in other countries, like the UK or others? Frivolous law suits know now territories...

This is why every product you purchase has the most ridiculous warning labels. People still need to be told not to let babies play with plastic grocery bags.

Again these kinds of stupid things are things People do all over the world. The US does not corner the market on being ignorant...

His generalization may not apply to you (as it doesn't apply to me), but it is disingenuous to suggest that it is completely without merit.

It is disingenuous? So do you have some facts and statistics to prove these generalizations only apply to Americans? So by that it is ok to say a generalization like Asians are horrible drivers?

You see People are People, so why should it be you and I should get along so awfully? HAHA sorry couldn't resist a little Depeche Mode humor...

Seriously though Humans in general do all these things and you can't generalize one group like that it just doesn't seem right.

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