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KDE Ambition. Too little, and you stagnate. Too much, and you end up stumbling. Keep this in mind. KDE4 was, and is, a very brave and ambitious effort, and while in my personal opinion they've still got a long way to go, especially in the performance department (I regained some hope lately), they're getting there. Imagine my surprise that after the recently announced overhaul of Plasma, a rather wild idea has popped up that would mean Qt5 and KDE5 - assuming the idea gets enough support, of course.
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Notice that besides those 15 mb there are a lot of other dependencies. But yeah, most people heavily over-estimate the impact of KDE libs on their system...

You are right in that this is something which should've happened a long time ago. The idea isn't exactly new, at least I know I've spoken about this very thing over a year ago with Sebas - Qt just wasn't very open back then however. Now the time is right to start doing this and I hope it'll happen.

But there is more than just a communication/promo barrier here - technically it'll be a lot of work and in some area's it'll be impossible with Qt and KDE how they are. So don't hold your breath. Small steps will have to come first ;)

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