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Apple Do you like VLC on your iPhone or iPad? You don't yet have it installed, but want to? Well, then you'd better be quick about it, as some VLC contributors are unhappy with the fact that VLC is distributed through Apple's App Store, violating the GPL the video player is licensed under. At least, that's what some think.
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RE[2]: the 'spirit' of gpl
by Adurbe on Mon 1st Nov 2010 18:27 UTC in reply to "RE: the 'spirit' of gpl"
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rather than arguing generalities, what specific area of the App Store terms of service do you think impedes these rights?

I am not a lawyer (in case you hadnt guessed) but my understanding is GPLv3 does not forbid DRM protections on content nor code outright. However it IS giving anyone permission to circumvent them

What I think is the relevant bit of the GPL

3. Protecting Users' Legal Rights From Anti-Circumvention Law.
No covered work shall be deemed part of an effective technological measure under any applicable law fulfilling obligations under article 11 of the WIPO copyright treaty adopted on 20 December 1996, or similar laws prohibiting or restricting circumvention of such measures.

When you convey a covered work, you waive any legal power to forbid circumvention of technological measures to the extent such circumvention is effected by exercising rights under this License with respect to the covered work, and you disclaim any intention to limit operation or modification of the work as a means of enforcing, against the work's users, your or third parties' legal rights to forbid circumvention of technological measures.

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