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Apple Do you like VLC on your iPhone or iPad? You don't yet have it installed, but want to? Well, then you'd better be quick about it, as some VLC contributors are unhappy with the fact that VLC is distributed through Apple's App Store, violating the GPL the video player is licensed under. At least, that's what some think.
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RE[10]: No worries
by fewt on Tue 2nd Nov 2010 12:38 UTC in reply to "RE[9]: No worries"
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Repeating stuff that has been proven to be wrong a million times in this thread alone kind of works on people's nerves - especially when the man and organisation that actually wrote the damn GPL disagrees with you. Yes, had you actually read the mailing list at VideoLAN you would've known RMS made his position clear also.

But hey, don't let the truth stand in your way. She's pesky!

Oh, you mean this?

Subject: Good work!
From: "Richard Stallman" <rms at>
Date: Thu, October 28, 2010 07:41

I am glad that VLC is enforcing the GPL against Apple.
The FSF has done so too.

I was disappointed though that the message says "open source"
so much, instead of "free/libre software". By talking more
about freedom, it could show more clearly the reason for doing this.

Rather puzzlingly, some of the vlc developers have moved to silence R=E9mi,
by blocking his input from their RSS feed. As a counter protest, he has
taken down his popular site,

I am confused by this. It sounds like there is a conflict
among the VLC developers, but I don't understand why.

Richard Stallman
President, Free Software Foundation
51 Franklin St
Boston MA 02110

It really doesn't say anything other than that he is glad that they are attempting to enforce the GPL against Apple. It doesn't provide any insight into the issue what-so-ever. I'm sure he said the same thing to whomever discovered the Tivo issue also.

Here is an interview with RMS describing how GPL v3 is necessary to eliminate companies from applying DRM to GPL software (which implies awareness of a loophole allowing it).

Relevant quote:

The reason I hope Torvalds will decide to adopt GPLv3 is to make Linux resistant to "tivoization."

- Richard Stallman

Edit: I see you have replied and locked the thread to block any further response. If you cannot prove yourself right any other way, prove it with force. So very mature, Thom.

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