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Internet & Networking Every now and then, you get these news item that make you feel like something's wrong. The item doesn't make sense, shouldn't be possible, and yet it is. Despite Microsoft's newfound commitment to web standards, it's still incredibly unnerving to see things like this - the W3C's first HTML5 compliance test, in which Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 6 outdoes all other browsers.
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RE: It's all interpretation
by WorknMan on Tue 2nd Nov 2010 23:29 UTC in reply to "It's all interpretation"
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As is pointed out in the WIRED article, having better raw support for certain HTML5 functions - specifically those that are targeted by the official test - doesn't necessarily mean it's better at doing certain things from a user's perspective.

Right you are. For the most part, as long as pages look ok when they load, only geeks and web devs are going to care about HTML5, benchmarks, and all that shit. As for me, if it doesn't have adblock, it's irrelevant. That goes for any browser.

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