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BSD and Darwin derivatives The 2.8.2 release of DragonFly BSD is now available, featuring significant advances in multi-processor performance based on DragonFly's signature soft token locks. It also includes many feature advancements including: pf from OpenBSD 4.2, the Wifi stack from FreeBSD and DataMapper from NetBSD (with significant enhancements). This release also marks the return of the GUI image. See the release notes for full details.
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Pretty Linuxish Edition ;)
by vermaden on Wed 3rd Nov 2010 07:18 UTC
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-- initrd (initial ramdisk/malloc disk) support.
-- mkinitrd - A tool to generate an initrd image to be able to boot from crypto, lvm and other devices.
-- libdevattr - A library giving access to additional information about kernel device nodes with an API that is mostly compatible with Linux' libudev.
-- udevd - A support daemon for libdevattr.
-- kern_udev - A framework to associate optional information with device nodes.
-- Imported lvm (Logical Volume Manager).
-- Device Mapper imported from NetBSD.

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