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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Under an initiative sponsored by the European Commission, the Symbian platform was this week endorsed by the Artemis Joint Technology Initiative and specifically identified as a unique technology that is a vital focus for European-centric mobile software development. As a result, a total investment of over EUR 22 million has been committed to the development of next generation technologies for the Symbian platform. This development project is being led by the Symbian Foundation as part of a consortium of major European technology organisations. The consortium is made up of 24 organisations from 8 European countries, comprising major mobile device manufacturers, hardware and service integration professional services, major consumer electronics companies, mobile network operators, application developers, universities and research institutions."
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RE: Propping up a dead horse
by sithlord2 on Wed 3rd Nov 2010 11:19 UTC in reply to "Propping up a dead horse"
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This is some strange interpretation of capitalism. I thought the market was supposed to decide on the best product.

I wonder whether the EU are contravening their own anti-competition laws. After all, they supposedly prevent EU member governments from subsidising their industries.

If Symbian is healthy it should survive in the marketplace on it's own. The money should come from licensees.

All this is happening while the UK prime minister has been haggling to reduce the planned 6% budget increase for the European Commission - requested at a time of serious skintness across most of Europe!

Anti-competition laws are for companies. The Symbian Foundation is a non-profit organization...

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