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Amiga & AROS Always wanted to own the IP and trademarks of one of the most innovative computer brands in history? A brand carried by a computer which was easily ten years ahead of its time, capable of multitasking (in colour) with multiple resolutions displayed at the same time, while Windows were still windows and the Mac couldn't hold more than 8 pages in its word processor on its single-tasking monochrome operating system? Yes, Bill McEwen's Amiga, Inc. is selling the Amiga trademark and all associated IP. It's not like the guy was doing anything with it anyway.
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There is people who would kill to have all these features on a single OS, and sure there are a very vaste people who would pay more than the 99 US Dollars of the cost of AmigaOS due to all these features, because it is worth the entire price it costs! "

Given that Morphos world wide user base is in the 3 figure range, reality begs to differ from your own subjective opinion.

BTW, all the "pros" you give are very subjective qualitative estimations. Which ironically I have read in different form applied as pros for the other OSs you were comparing against. Which is why qualitative arguments are flawed when it comes to be passed as technical fact.

And I say this as a morphos user (I have a copy running in a mac mini), and sorry to say but in my own personal assessment the value proposition for that OS is no where near being worth the $100 bucks they charge for it...

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